Rajeev Sigamoney

Filmmaker. Madman. Writer. Engineer.
Professor. Genius. Pastor. Fool.

What I Do

Rajeev Sigamoney is an accomplished Writer & Producer, who has worked in Hollywood for ten plus years. He has produced numerous projects featuring prominent actors such as Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer and Emmy-winners Kathy Griffin, Wanda Sykes and Melissa McCarthy. Completing projects and deals with companies that include Disney, Paramount, Fuse, CurrentTV, and Endemol.


Who I Am

Rajeev Sigamoney began his storytelling career writing, directing and producing theater in the Maryland area. Like all good Indian boys, he holds an Engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University, as well as a Masters in Management. After breaking his mother’s heart and moving to California, he trained in the UCLA Film and Media Studies Program and Act One: Writing for Hollywood.

He has served as a Pastor at Celebration Center and Long Beach Seventh-Day Adventist Church and believes fully that the heart of an artist must be connected to an inspiration greater than ones self. Currently, he runs the Film Program at Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley, where he lives with his wife, Brittnie, and teaches the next generation of filmmakers the importance of story.


My Work

From the feature comedy Jesus People, released by Freestyle Media to the internationally renowned sci-fi webseries The Record Keeper, Rajeev has worked as a writer/producer in all formats, genres and mediums.

Say Hello.

Contact Rajeev at rsigamoney@gmail.com.