Cast and Crew
Jason Naumann, Director/Producer

After graduating from Northwestern in '96 with a BA in Broadcasting, Jason Naumann spent four years working in Hawaii for YWAM, a non-profit. Sick of the beauty, he moved to L.A. in '01. With a love of cheesy action films, he parodied them with his first short "The Wash." Next came "Happy Wednesday," a dark comedy starring Glenn Howerton. He directed all 6 webisodes of "Jesus People" as well as his first full-length feature "Coyote County Loser," a romantic comedy filmed in New Mexico. 2009 brought the film version of "Jesus People." Naumann is currently setting up his third project, "5th Corner," a horror film.

Dan Ewald & Rajeev Sigamoney, Writers/Producers

One of the more aggressive indie production companies, Ewald/Sigamoney landed on the map with "The Room," which they shot one weekend in 2004 on theCBS Radford lot. They continued with "The Captain" starring Tim Bagley and Jennifer Coolidge and cameos by Wanda Sykes and Cheryl Hines, building a talent base of their favorite comedic actors.

They wrote for Disney and FUSE before EP'ing a 10-episode series for Comcast called "The Mascots" with a near-$1 million dollar budget. For much, much less money they independently shot the web series"Jesus People" which ended up being seen by 500,000 youtube viewers and spawned the feature. They're managed by Sheree Guitar, an eternal blonde.

Bob Abramoff, Executive Producer

Bob Abramoff first produced the $16 million dollar film "Red Scorpion" in '89, which led to 13 more projects. Currently, he's executive producing "Dino Mom," a $15 million dollar animated family film currently in production for 2010. Production on "Dear Eleanor" to star Abigail Breslin & AnnaSophia Robb and directed by Garry Marshall is expected to begin soon with Abramoff as EP.

Kevin Sambells, Director of Photography

A graduate of Ithaca College, Kevin Sambells worked on many Ewald/Sigamoney projects - "Precious Meadows," "The Captain," "Happy Wednesday" - before DP'ing the "Jesus People" webseries and subsequent film. He also crafted the cinematography for the narrative short "The Lot" and the documentary "Stones Throw."

Raymond Schnurr, Composer

Raymond Schnurr is talented with many musical genres, especially classical, which really wasn't useful when it came to composing Cross My Heart's cheesy Christian pop. His more serious work can be heard on everything from "The Matrix" trilogy to a film for the Department of Homeland Security.

Michelle Wheeler, Co-Producer

Michelle Wheeler has worked in television and film production for over 12 years and as a self-described movie addict, loves the sense of community that comes with both film-making and film-watching. She graduated with an M.A. from the University of Georgia in 2007 and lives with her husband, Paul, just outside Charlotte, NC.

Matthew Reithmayr, Editor

When Reithmayr isn't stopping by the set to squint into the sun and wear an earpiece, he's found behind his computer. In 2005, he started his own company Doulos Multimedia where he produces motion graphics, designs websites, and edits for film and TV. He previously did the green screen effects for Ewald/Sigamoney's webseries "The Tomorrow Program," working to make Catherine Reitman even more bubbly and bright.

Billy Savage, Sound Mixer

Billy Savage spends hours and hours of late nights in a darkened studio. He began his affair with audio at the age of 2. His mom said "He sang along with the radio and enjoyed anything with a cord attached to it." After six years of working in reality television, he now works as a post sound mixer and composer for films.